Bags & Backpacks

Magellan Outdoors Deluxe Disc Golf Backpack Review

18 Feb , 2015   Gallery

Note: I started writing this post in November, a few weeks after I bought this bag.  It’s been about four months since I started writing the review (yeah, I kept getting distracted), and some things have changed.  Where that’s the case, I’ll have notes added in. Not too long ago, Average Disc Golf posted a […]


Sacramento News

Discraft Ace Race 2014, Santa Anita Park, Sacramento CA

5 Oct , 2014   Gallery

Sacramento’s 2014 Discraft Ace Race has come to a close today.  Around 25 participants gathered to huck some shiny new plastic, and it was a great day for it.  In addition to the standard 9 holes at Santa Anita Park, the tournament director set up an extra three in the back of the park.  Each […]


Sacramento News

McClatchy Park and Disc Golf Course Grand Opening October 18th

3 Oct , 2014  

It looks like McClatchy Park renovations are finally coming to an end, with a grand opening on October 18th. The park has been in shambles as most of it has been torn up and being reworked, rendering the disc golf course only a shadow of what it was. Locals have been playing the course mostly […]


Sacramento News

More new hole positions at John Mackey Park

12 Sep , 2014   Gallery

Yesterday morning I saw that some of the baskets were moved around, and hole 7 has a new position. This long position is between the two trees just before the incline to the hole 8 teepad. Nice to see yet more variety out there!

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Sacramento News

John Mackey Disc Golf Course receiving improvements, community work days planned

26 Oct , 2014  

Back in September, a comment was left on one of my posts about the new John Mackey DGC hole positions regarding the planning of improving the park by way of tree renovation and planting.  The Hagginwood Community Association seems to be working with the Sacramento Tree Foundation and the City of Sacramento Department of Parks […]


Disc Selection

Understable turning discs: What are you using?

12 Sep , 2014  

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m still pretty new to the sport of disc golf, and am figuring things out.  After making the n00b mistake of buying fast discs, I’ve come to the realization that I just don’t have the arm speed to throw a speed 12+ driver the way it’s supposed to be thrown.  I ended […]

Disc Golf Highlights

John E. Mc Cray’s 100+ Foot Turbo Putt. Yes, you read that right. [Mini]

11 Sep , 2014   Video

So…  That happened.  That’s just insane!  I often have difficult with 10-foot turbo putts. Also, new category here.  “…  Seriously??”  Stuff like this goes in it.  Both the good and bad.  Moving the McBeast rollout there now haha.

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Bags & Backpacks

Chainbangerz Kraken backpack style disc golf bag ups the ante on bags [VIDEO FIXED]

5 Sep , 2014   Video

[Update] Looks like Chainbangerz have been taking some heat on the apparent construction of the bag at this point.  The old video has been taken down, and the new video has a scrolling text blob prefacing the fact that the current one in the video is a sample bag, not a final product.  Probably should’ve […]

John Mackey Park DGC Map (New basket positions)

Sacramento News

New basket positions at John Mackey Park DGC

4 Sep , 2014  

This morning I finally made it out to throw a bit before work, and hit up one of my favorite courses (partially due to proximity to midtown), John Mackey Park DGC.  Coming up to hole 2, I noticed it was set for position A.  Great.  Didn’t feel like battling that hill first thing in the […]

Non-Local News

Golf vs Disc Golf Challenge in Skellefteå, Sweden

3 Sep , 2014   Video

There’s often a bit of friendly rivalry between disc golf and its more traditional predecessor, golf.  So, in this video posted a few days ago by Latitude 64, it’s pretty cool to see the two similar sports competing in the same match.  Members of Team Latitude 64 including Dave Feldberg, Lat64 founder Tomas Ekström, Team Dynamic […]