Disc Golf Highlights

John E. Mc Cray’s 100+ Foot Turbo Putt. Yes, you read that right. [Mini]

11 Sep , 2014   Video

So…  That happened.  That’s just insane!  I often have difficult with 10-foot turbo putts. Also, new category here.  “…  Seriously??”  Stuff like this goes in it.  Both the good and bad.  Moving the McBeast rollout there now haha.

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Bags & Backpacks

Chainbangerz Kraken backpack style disc golf bag ups the ante on bags [VIDEO FIXED]

5 Sep , 2014   Video

[Update] Looks like Chainbangerz have been taking some heat on the apparent construction of the bag at this point.  The old video has been taken down, and the new video has a scrolling text blob prefacing the fact that the current one in the video is a sample bag, not a final product.  Probably should’ve […]

John Mackey Park DGC Map (New basket positions)

Sacramento News

New basket positions at John Mackey Park DGC

4 Sep , 2014  

This morning I finally made it out to throw a bit before work, and hit up one of my favorite courses (partially due to proximity to midtown), John Mackey Park DGC.  Coming up to hole 2, I noticed it was set for position A.  Great.  Didn’t feel like battling that hill first thing in the […]

Non-Local News

Golf vs Disc Golf Challenge in Skellefteå, Sweden

3 Sep , 2014   Video

There’s often a bit of friendly rivalry between disc golf and its more traditional predecessor, golf.  So, in this video posted a few days ago by Latitude 64, it’s pretty cool to see the two similar sports competing in the same match.  Members of Team Latitude 64 including Dave Feldberg, Lat64 founder Tomas Ekström, Team Dynamic […]

Non-Local News

2014 PDGA Pro Worlds: MPO Final 9 (Wysocki, McBeth, Ulibarri, Doss)

19 Aug , 2014   Video

This weekend saw the wrap-up of the 2014 PDGA Pro Worlds championships.  All the usual suspects were out, including Orangevale resident Jim Oates (PDGA #3351) winning the Grandmasters division.  While I haven’t had a chance to catch much of the rounds online thanks to a busy weekend of work, band business, and my own disc golf […]

Disc Golf Highlights

Worst. Rollout. Ever. Paul McBeth – 2014 European Masters

10 Aug , 2014   Video

I was watching the final round of the 2014 European Masters last weekend or so (which I highly suggest watching the front 9 and back 9 videos), and with McBeast up in the lead by a good margin, hole 18 comes up.  Gorgeous uphill hole, great throw off the tee pad, and what looked to […]


Technique & Tutorials

David Feldberg push putting lesson

9 Aug , 2014   Video

I want to share a video that I found a while back, and find it extremely informative and helpful to putting.  I’ll also ramble on about my…  we’ll call it lack of skill…  with putting.  So enjoy! As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a pretty new player.  I’m also someone who believes in the power of […]


Rancho Cordova to get two new disc golf courses? [mini] 1

Sacramento News

Rancho Cordova to get two new disc golf courses? [mini]

9 Aug , 2014  

Earlier today, happened to catch something kind of cool from the Sacramento Disc Golf Association Facebook page.  Looks like talks have been going on somewhere, somehow, about getting a course in Rancho Cordova for some time now.  But now it looks like this might actually be legitimately moving forward. [fb_embed_post href=”https://www.facebook.com/102366773133393/photos/a.152254854811251.24079.102366773133393/716457215057676//” width=”550″/] For people in […]

Hey look, a website about disc golf in Sacramento (and other places)! 2

Site News

Hey look, a website about disc golf in Sacramento (and other places)!

2 Aug , 2014  

Hey there!  So…  Sacramento Disc Golf Dot Com…. You might be wondering what you’re doing here.  I might be wondering what I’m doing here.  To be honest, not sure what the full roadmap of this site is.  Most likely, it’ll be safari blogging.  Not, like, blogging about the safari.  Or from the safari.  But the […]