Sacramento Disc Golf is a pretty easy to figure out name.  I’m not the original owner of the domain, but as it’s been neglected for years, I decided it’s worth getting up and running.

My name is Lou, and I’m a fairly new disc golfer.  Started in May, 2014, at the prodding of my good friend (and bandmate), Adam Page.  Since then, it’s been a strong interest of mine, and something I tend to think way too much about.  So here we are at having a site about the local disc golf scene.

Here you’ll find news and info about both local and non-local disc golf happenings, gear reviews, videos and tutorials to help other beginners in their plastic-hucking adventures.  It’s a definite part-time project at this time, but that will increase as things progress.

If you have news or info regarding the Sacramento area disc golf community, feel free to drop me a line at lou at sacramentodiscgolf dot com, or on Twitter at @sacdiscgolf.