Welcome to Sacramento Disc Golf!  My name is Lou, and I love disc golf.  I started playing disc golf in May of 2014 at the prodding of my good friend (and then bandmate), Adam when he gave me an old DX Aviar and beat up DX Orc and took me out to Elk Grove DGC for the first time.  Since then, hardly a day goes by where I don’t think about playing disc golf, about golf discs, fixing my form, or figuring out how to finally putt reliably.

Shady Oaks DGC has become my home course and is usually my preferred local destination; I just really love the feel and flow of Shady Oaks.  I bag mostly Innova, but I do enjoy throwing other brands when I find a disc that I can’t live without. And finally, for 2020, I’m finally PDGA official (#134544)!

My goal with Sacramento Disc Golf is to bring you news and info about both local and non-local disc golf happenings, upcoming events, gear reviews, videos and tutorials to help new disc golfers in their plastic-hucking adventures.

If you have news or info regarding the Sacramento area disc golf community, feel free to drop me a line at lou at sacramentodiscgolf dot com, or on Twitter at @sacdiscgolf.

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