McClatchy Park and Disc Golf Course Grand Opening October 18th

Written By Lou

Disc golfer and blogger from Sacramento, CA. PDGA #134544

It looks like McClatchy Park renovations are finally coming to an end, with a grand opening on October 18th. The park has been in shambles as most of it has been torn up and being reworked, rendering the disc golf course only a shadow of what it was. Locals have been playing the course mostly safari style, but there’s still been frequent activity out there with the club.

The newly redesigned course appears to have been expanded a bit, and looks like it will be a pretty fun 9 hole layout. However, seeing as the grand opening will be mostly attended by non-disc golfers, the members on the Oak Park Disc Golf Course Facebook group have been posting requests to hold off on playing the course until the 19th, as to not run risks of driving into the probably larger number of people there that day.

Also, please keep in mind that this is a park and disc golf course sharing the same space, so when you’re out there, please be courteous, attentive, and clean up after yourselves.

What are your thoughts about the changes to the course?  Are you looking forward to getting out and hucking some plastic on a new layout?

McClatchy Park DGC Course Plan

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