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Written By Lou

Disc golfer and blogger from Sacramento, CA. PDGA #134544

Been a bit quiet here over the past month or so, but there’s been a lot going on, both disc golf and non-disc golf related.  But, I’ve got some cool news for you guys!  First…  A new logo!  My good friend, bandmate in ForNeveR, and disc golf buddy Adam Page hooked the site up with a great logo, seeing as we didn’t have one before.  But now we do, so, there’s that!  Thanks Adam!

Second, and equally exciting…  We now have a shop on the website!  And more importantly, will be selling discs out and about on our trips to the courses!  The first order of discs included some pre-orders for friends, and a few cool discs that I don’t see around in the local shops.  Also some well-priced Innova sets.  Here’s what we’ve got so far:

[products ids=”149, 152, 169, 174, 177″]

So far, my favorite out of these has to be the Axiom Theory.  This is Axiom/MVP’s straightest flying midrange, and it really holds up to that claim.  Yeah, if you crank on it it will float steadily to the left, but if you ease it in there, it will hold a very, very straight line with a reasonably small amount of fade.  I’m really excited to bag this disc and get to know it.

The Missilens are Gold Hex Line plastic, and to what I’ve seen, no one carries that plastic locally.  It feels much more durable than the Opto Hex Line, and while I haven’t thrown it much, it’ll be a fun disc.  Primarily for the fact that it’s a challenge to get that thing to fly for those of us with lower arm speeds.

More discs will be arriving some time soon, probably after the holidays, and I’ll probably keep with the theme of “stuff no one else carries locally”.  If there’s something you’re interested in, drop me a line and we’ll see what we can do!

Also, I’ve finally set up our Sacramento Disc Golf Facebook page.  That will start getting populated very soon, so go ahead and give us a like!

That’s all for now, be sure to follow us on all the social medias for more updates and cool stuff!

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