Discraft Hades review

Distance Drivers

Discraft Hades Prototype Review

5 Jul , 2020  

Not long ago, , and predictably, they flew off the shelves like hotcakes. Thankfully, we managed to get a few of them for testing, and decided to shoot a quick video with our discoveries. Is the Discraft Hades worth the hype? Well, let’s find out! What is the Discraft Hades? First of all, the Discraft […]

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New disc golf course Cameron Park Lake vlog

Sacramento News

New course in Sacramento! Cameron Park Lake Disc Golf Course opening weekend

16 May , 2020  

Back in March, the long-awaited Cameron Park Lake Disc Golf Course finally opened to the public and hosted the inaugural Cameron Park Lake Birthday Bash tournament!  We were able to play a practice round the day before the tournament and get a feel for the course, and the tournament was a lot of fun! Thanks […]

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Disc golf and Covid-19

Sacramento News

Disc golf and COVID-19 in Sacramento and surrounding counties

6 May , 2020  

Over the past month or so we’ve seen multiple changes in the guidelines and restrictions affecting disc golfers in Sacramento County, as well as surrounding counties.  After strongly urging responsible social distancing guidelines be observed on our courses, Sacramento County shut down a multitude of recreational facilities including disc golf courses on April 7th.  Placer […]

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Zuca backpack cart header

Bags & Backpacks

Zuca backpack cart review

5 Apr , 2020  

You may have seen some disc golfers out on the course with a rolling disc golf cart to carry their discs and/or backpack along with them. You may have wondered why they’re so popular these days, and maybe even why anyone needs one. Well, wonder no more, because today we’re reviewing the Zuca backpack disc […]

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Pay to play model at Shady Oaks DGC proposed by Orangevale Parks District 3

Sacramento News

Pay to play model at Shady Oaks DGC proposed by Orangevale Parks District

31 May , 2018  

Orangevale Recreation & Park District (or OVparks for short and on the socials) has recently sent out a survey impacting Shady Oaks Disc Golf Course.  It seems that–true to various mentions swirling around the community and the Shady Oaks Disc Golf Club Facebook group–OVparks is finally proposing a pay-to-play model at the course. The District published […]

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'The Definitive Guide To Disc Golf' is a book for every single disc golfer out there 4

Other Gear

‘The Definitive Guide To Disc Golf’ is a book for every single disc golfer out there

9 May , 2016  

A while back I was sent a review copy of Triumph Books’ new title, The Definitive Guide To Disc Golf, and was really excited to get through it.  Through a handful of other (non-disc golf-related, sadly) projects and obligations, I’ve finally done had a chance to finish the book and review it a few times. […]

Disc Selection

How To Find the Best Disc Golf Driver for Distance

15 Apr , 2015   Video

Found this video floating around the Facebooks today.  Dead simple and logical guide to choosing a distance driver for your arm speed and snap.  I, like many other new players, jumped into very high-speed drivers at the beginning, because I didn’t know any better.  After backing off to lower speed, more understable discs, I finally […]

Sacramento News

St. Patrick’s Classic 2015, Shady Oaks DGC, Orangevale, CA – Barsby, Wysocki, Rico, Procter – Final round lead card

7 Apr , 2015   Video

During March 13th – 15th, our very own Shady Oaks DGC held the annual St. Patrick’s Classic tournament, a three round tournament featuring some of the best players in the area.  Here’s the final lead card for round three, with commentary from Pure Hyzer Productions’ Paavo Stubstad along with Nikko Locastro. The tournament has an […]

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Udisc Cloud, the next big feature of Udisc, is upon us

12 Mar , 2015   Video

Those who know me personally know that I’ve been using Udisc exclusively for a while, since May, 2014.  After starting with Disc Caddy 2, Udisc quickly found its way into my default scoring app.  It’s gorgeous, it’s easy, and has cool features.  Well, now the new version has something that looks to be pretty interesting, […]

Disc Golf Highlights

Dave Feldberg’s Crazy Putt

8 Mar , 2015   Video

I saw this a few days ago and forgot to post it, and looks like AVGDG beat me to the punch haha.  But this is just insane.  The one time putting into a headwind totally goes your way when it starts off not doing anything close.