Udisc Cloud, the next big feature of Udisc, is upon us

Written By Lou

Disc golfer and blogger from Sacramento, CA. PDGA #134544

Those who know me personally know that I’ve been using Udisc exclusively for a while, since May, 2014.  After starting with Disc Caddy 2, Udisc quickly found its way into my default scoring app.  It’s gorgeous, it’s easy, and has cool features.  Well, now the new version has something that looks to be pretty interesting, called Udisc Cloud.

And yes, it does exactly what you’d assume.  It’s cloud-based scoring, sharing, leaderboards, and syncing.  As such, there’s a need for servers, and therefore has a $3.99/year subscription fee.  I think this is totally reasonable if you want the cloud-based features.

If you don’t, the new version does look to have a good amount of extra polish, and a bit of other new features.  Unfortunately for us Android users, we’ll have to wait until “summer 2015″…  Whenever that is.  In California, summer shows up when it damn well pleases.  And then usually hangs around too long like an annoying acquaintance.  Thankfully, we have the quite promising-looking Disc Golf Course Review Android app, which I’ve reviewed quite recently right here.  Just the opposite of Udisc, the iOS version will be out somewhere around the summer.

Sometime soon, I’ll do a full comparison between the two.  Once I steal borrow someone’s iPhone, that is haha.

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