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New basket positions at John Mackey Park DGC

Written By Lou

Disc golfer and blogger from Sacramento, CA. PDGA #134544

This morning I finally made it out to throw a bit before work, and hit up one of my favorite courses (partially due to proximity to midtown), John Mackey Park DGC.  Coming up to hole 2, I noticed it was set for position A.  Great.  Didn’t feel like battling that hill first thing in the morning.  But whatever.  Drive is way left.  Okay, not the best line into the hillside, but again, whatever.  Disc gets smacked down by the first tree.  Great.  Trying to check out my line to the basket, and, uh…  There’s no basket.  Okay, it’s down in B then, at the fence.  Uh, nope.  …..  wtf.  Looking back and forth between the two spots like I’m losing my mind, and then I see it.

Tucked between the trees on the other side of the path, maybe 25 feet from my lie.  Well, that’s new!  Some abysmal putting later, and I’m still thinking “At least I didn’t have to climb the hill!”  On to hole 3!

A good amount of holes, I had found out, have new basket positions.  Kinda’ awesome, really.  Seems that most of the new positions are a bit easier, and shorter.  Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Hole 2: Left of the pathway, between the only trees on that side.  Shorter than the hillside position (A)
  • Hole 3: Tee-side of the “Dinosaur Graveyard” (big ol’ clusterfuck of dead trees and branches), between position A and the mando tree.  It’s being snugly cuddled by the bones of the “dinosaurs”.
  • Hole 5: Left of the lesser Dino Graveyard, in the little divot in the hill left of the big vertical log.  I couldn’t see it from the teepad.  Just short of position A.
  • Hole 6: Just inside the new Gaping Maw of Denial.  Closer than A by a good deal.
  • Hole 7: Before the tree in front of the normal position, just to the right.  It’s just before the little raised ground area where the tree and position A is.  Almost the same sort of throw, but shorter.
  • Bonus: There’s now a second practice basket up front!

Anyways, hope this helps on your next trek out to the JM hood.  If I missed anything, let me know.  Also, JM needs a proper reworking of the map.  I may get around to doing it sometime, so, keep an eye out.  Or, if you’ve made an awesome one, drop it in the comments.

John Mackey Park DGC Map (New basket positions)
John Mackey Park DGC Map (New basket positions)
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