Hey look, a website about disc golf in Sacramento (and other places)!

Written By Lou

Disc golfer and blogger from Sacramento, CA. PDGA #134544

Hey there!  So…  Sacramento Disc Golf Dot Com….

You might be wondering what you’re doing here.  I might be wondering what I’m doing here.  To be honest, not sure what the full roadmap of this site is.  Most likely, it’ll be safari blogging.  Not, like, blogging about the safari.  Or from the safari.  But the exploratory, random, see what we find type of safari.  But I digress.

The “plan” here is to be a fun resource for disc golf around the Sacramento area.  Keep tabs on tournaments, news, happenings, and just talk about my experiences with disc golf.  Also, I do plan on covering non-local news, videos, products, etc.  Things that I find interesting.  You know, kind of like Facebook, minus the oppressing overbearing of Zuckerberg.  But instead my own oppressing overbearing.  Obviously, I enjoy the latter much more.

Anyways, we’ll be highlighting some cool videos, events, and randomness that you’ll enjoy.  Really, you’ll have no choice in the matter.  Haha.  I kid, I kid.  But I do plan on just putting up content and seeing where it goes.

I’ll just get this out of the way now though.  I’m a new disc golfer.  I’ve been playing for, oh, uh, three months now?  But literally from the first time my buddy Adam took me out for a game, that’s it, done.  Hooked.  I’ve spent probably too much money on too many discs, many of which I can’t even throw properly (arm speed’s a bitch), but now I’m learning from my mistakes.  I find as much joy in disc golf as I do playing music, or in my photography (both of which I love a lot, and am probably much better at than hucking plastic).  So, I’m not portraying myself as an expert here.  I’m a n00b.  But I’m in for the long haul.

I do want to play my part, and grow the sport.  If just judging by my group of friends, there’s a ton of people out there with at least a mild interest in playing, even if just casually.  So to that end, there will be some very beginner-oriented content up here.

I also want to bring my photography more into my disc golf, so that will play a part in this site.  Probably some guest blogging here and there as well, so, yeah…  Not entirely clueless on the battle plan here, but just clueful enough to be dangerous.  Wait…  Is “clueful” even a word?  Whatever.  It is now.

But yeah.  Welcome!  I’ll be rolling things out slowly here and there, so just sit tight and enjoy!

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