Disc Golf Highlights

John E. Mc Cray’s 100+ Foot Turbo Putt. Yes, you read that right. [Mini]

11 Sep , 2014   Video

So…  That happened.  That’s just insane!  I often have difficult with 10-foot turbo putts. Also, new category here.  “…  Seriously??”  Stuff like this goes in it.  Both the good and bad.  Moving the McBeast rollout there now haha.

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Sacramento News

Rancho Cordova to get two new disc golf courses? [mini]

9 Aug , 2014  

Earlier today, happened to catch something kind of cool from the Sacramento Disc Golf Association Facebook page.  Looks like talks have been going on somewhere, somehow, about getting a course in Rancho Cordova for some time now.  But now it looks like this might actually be legitimately moving forward. For people in Rancho Cordova (or […]